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We are looking for an Assistant Manager to lead a team of 2-5 people. The job requires you to be accountable for managing the office, leading the team, and running training sessions for Training Managers. To be an excellent fit for this role, you should have a work history and prior experience as a senior staff member or assistant manager. As an Assistant Manager, you will play a crucial role in maintaining our high standards of customer service and team mentoring. A passion for customer service and team mentoring is also a plus.


Team Building and Training:
Integral to Assistant Manager jobs in British Columbia is the ability to hire and train team members effectively. You will be responsible for ensuring that new employees are well-prepared to meet our standards of excellence.

Financial Management:
As an Assistant Manager, optimizing profits by managing finances is a key responsibility. Your role will involve making informed decisions that positively impact our bottom line.

Employee Development:
You will hire, train, and develop new employees, playing a pivotal role in their professional growth. This aspect of the job is essential for maintaining the quality and efficiency of our team.

Training for Training Managers:
A unique aspect of this role in British Columbia includes running training sessions for Training Managers. Your expertise will contribute to the development of our managerial staff, enhancing their skills and effectiveness.

Disciplinary Actions:
When necessary, you will take disciplinary action, ensuring that our team operates within the company’s guidelines and standards.